The Problem

Less than 8 cents of every dollar spent on food goes to farmers.

Broken supply chain, Farmer bankruptcy  

80 billion lbs of food is thrown away in the US every year. 20% of harvest doesn’t even leave the farm due to lack of market agility.


The Solution

We created our own marketplace, less players, full control.

So each of your purchase increases farmer's income.

Food Super Highway of the World

FarmX is created with an objective of    elevating farmers and addressing food waste by removing inefficiencies from the Food chain by use of technology. By giving control back to farmers , giving more choices (fresh food, economical, direct access etc) to customers and enabling traceability. Live market data/ pricing (demand) USDA linkage

Blockchain - to prevent food fraud


-Food Safety

-Regulatory Compliance  


-Social Responsibility

Current commercial relationships



Advances in technology have evolved the way we consume goods and services. This trend is yet to impact produce.